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Song BPM Finder – free online tool that allows you to find tempo of any song. You can either upload your own audio file or search for any particular song via Spotify. Our service can be useful for musicians, DJs or any nonprofessional user.

A song key finder and BPM finder is a browser-based BPM detector (tempo finder) tool that analyzes music tracks and finds the key & BPM (Beats Per Minute) of any song for free in just seconds. Upload your music tracks for quick key and tempo results.

All you need to do is upload your music tracks or songs to analyze, and our BPM finder will start analyzing the songs you give it and finds musical key, BPM, and camelot. Once the data is displayed, you can download it in no time. Feel free to find the key and BPM for as many songs as needed!

How to Use Key and BPM Finder

Follow the steps below to find the music key and BPM for any song:

  • Step 1: Click on the Browse My Files button to upload songs.
  • Step 2: Now the BPM finder will display the key, BPM (Tempo), and camelot.
  • Step 3: Click on the Export CSV button to download the data.
  • Step 4: Click the add tracks button to upload more tracks and get the key and BPM.


♫ BPM FinderAnalyze music with our song key and BPM finder.
Use CasesPerfect for DJs, musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts.
$ free foreverUnlimited Song Key and BPM detects for free
Browser Basedyour music never leaves your device.
✓ No LimitUpload mulitple music files at once with no file size limit
  • BPM Finder is a tool to simplify the process of finding the key and BPM for songs and is commonly used by DJs, musicians, and producers.
  • Song key and BPM finder is a free service and you can use it as many times as you like to find key, BPM and camelot.
  • BPM finder works locally in your browser, no audio/song/music/track is uploaded to the server.
  • BPM finder allows you to upload multiple tracks at once.
  • There is no limit to what track size you can upload.

What is BPM

BPM, or beats per minute, is a unit of measurement that represents the tempo or speed of a piece of music. It indicates how many beats occur in one minute and serves as a guide for musicians and DJs to maintain a consistent rhythm throughout a song or performance. A higher BPM indicates a faster tempo, while a lower BPM signifies a slower tempo. BPM is typically used in various musical genres to help artists, producers and listeners understand the pace and feel of a track.

Use cases for BPM Finder

Finding the beats per minute (BPM) is important for several reasons in music production, performance and appreciation. Here are some key reasons why BPM is essential:

1. Mixing and DJing

DJs need to know the BPM of tracks to smoothly mix and transition between songs during a set. Matching the BPM ensures that the beats align, allowing for seamless blending of different tracks and maintaining a consistent energy on the dance floor.

2. Music Production

Producers use BPM as a fundamental aspect when creating a track. The tempo sets the foundation for the song’s rhythm and groove, helping to determine the overall mood and style of the piece.

3. Collaboration

When musicians collaborate, sharing the BPM of a track helps everyone stay in sync and maintain a consistent rhythm. This is particularly important when working with digital audio workstations (DAWs) and sharing project files across different platforms.

4. Dance Choreography

Choreographers often use BPM to create suitable dance routines that match the tempo and energy of a song. Knowing the BPM allows them to design steps that flow naturally with the music.

5. Exercise and Fitness

BPM plays a significant role in creating workout playlists or designing fitness classes. Specific BPM ranges are suitable for different activities, such as walking, running, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Music with an appropriate BPM can help maintain motivation and improve exercise performance.

6. Music Appreciation

Understanding the BPM of a song can enhance a listener’s experience by providing insight into the track’s energy level and genre. It can also help listeners identify similar songs based on tempo preferences.

Change Music Key and BPM

Our Pitch Shifter tool allows you to change audio key, BPM, pitch and speed up/down music playback speed. Upload your audio files to get BPM and Key, then change pitch and tempo of any song by adjusting the slider.

Tap tempo

Tap tempo or simply BPM Counter tool allows you to calculate tempo beats per minute by tapping space key to the rhythm or beat.

You can now use Audio Cutter, Audio Joiner, Speed-Pitch changer, Voice Recorder, Vocal Range Test and Karaoke for recording your voice over a song at

What People Are Saying

I love BPM finder for its simplicity, accuracy, and functionality. I always use it to detect the key and BPM quickly for multiple tracks at once in less time.

Erickson, Happy User.

BPM Finder is in my experience better than Tunebat! Thoroughly impressed so far! Free Music Analyzer by BPM Finder has proven to be a valuable and creative tool to analyze tracks and create remixes faster for both producers and DJs.

Holly Nilsson, Producer.

BPM finder is not only finds BPM and key, it also offers a rich feature to change music tempo and song key. It helps me to create slowed + reverb and nightcore versions of music.

Alex, Nightcore Creator.

I use song key and BPM finder for my music production and remixing. It helps me find key and tempo instantly and makes my workflow very fast, smooth and efficient.

Mark Roma, Online Course Creator.

It’s good to have a tool like BPM finder that I can upload many music files and gather BPM and key information all at once. It saves me a lot of time!

Beth Moncel, Happy User from Canada.

BPM Finder music analyzer is a great tool to quickly finds key & BPM (tempo) and saves us a lot of time!.

Kyle Zuck, Musician.

BPM finder is an invaluable tool to help you find song key, BPM and camelot. It gives me instant analysis of my tracks. 100% recommended for Mixing and DJing.

Merkley, DJ.

Knowing the key and tempo of your remixes is essential. I use BPM Finder for automatic key and BPM analysis, accurate results, blazingly quick, and a serverless app that is 100% free. No downsides.

Reid Speed, Artist.

Your privacy and security matter to us.

Our BPM Finder performs all of its functions, such as analyzing music and finding the key and BPM for any song locally within your browser. Your tracks and songs never get uploaded to a server, and nothing is saved on any system other than your own.

Need Help

If you really need some help? We are here to help you with anything related to music analyzer issues or questions, bug fixes, and general questions on how to use the BPM finder analyzer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPM Finder?

BPM finder lets you find the music key and BPM (tempo) with just one click. With improved features, now you can also use the speed and pitch shifter to change key and tempo of the song. It handles complex music and hundreds of tracks in your library easily and finds the key and tempo with improved algorithms.

How does BPM Finder work exactly?

BPM Finder is the #1 song key and BPM finder for DJs, producers, and musicians. It analyzes music and gives you the accurate key, BPM (tempo), and camelot for any song. It also allows you to change the tempo of a music track quickly.

Is bpm finder free?

Yes, bpm finder is 100% FREE song key and bpm finder online tool for commercial and personal uses. If you’re having trouble, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

What type of music files are supported?

You can upload any music tracks in .mp3 or .wav format with no file size limit.


Key & BPM finder
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About BPM Finder
BPM Finder is a song key and BPM finder tool that uses advanced algorithms to detect key and tempo [e.g. A♭ major, 124 bpm, 10A camelot]. It was created for DJs, musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts.

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Updated on July 15, 2024